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Surface Prep and Polishing

Step 2 of 5: Deciding how Polished Your Floor Should Be


          * One Step Surface Prep - A single layer of the floor will be removed with diamond cutters, exposing the clean concrete beneath. Cracks are patched, and areas that need repaired are corrected. This removes and paint, epoxy, and most stains, making the floor appear new.




            *   Medium Luster Polish- This process adds on to the 1st step and runs the cutters up to a 400 resin and includes a densifying process to strengthen the concrete. The concrete will appear shiny with some reflective properties.



            * Full Show Polish- Again this process adds to the previous 2 steps. Our experts run the machines up to a full 1500 resin polish. This will result in a much shinier and very reflective floor.



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