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Surface Prep and Polishing

Part 3 of 5: Deciding the Border

Here we provide 3 options:


                      * Edge to edge polishing- This means our workers will bring the polish/grind all the way to the bottom of the walls. The large machines leave a gap of 1.25" so we will need to use a small edge grinder to get up close to the walls where our large machines can't hit. This looks good because the entire floor is polished all the way to the bottom of the walls, however this is much more labor intensive, and thus has an additional charge.



                      * Epoxy Edge - This means we go as close to the edge as the large polishers will permit us to go and the remaining edge is painted with a thin coating of a matching color epoxy. This is our preferred method for the edge of the floors. It looks very crisp and clean, while saving you money.


                     *Independently install Base boards-This simply means that you will install your own baseboards.


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