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Surface Prep and Polishing

Part 5 of 5: Benefits



   1. Never re-paint, epoxy, or tile your floor again. This is a permanent solution.



   2. Durability- no chipping of paint by heavy traffic



   3. Easy to Maintain- Washing a polished floor requires no soap, only water and a squeegee.



   4. Low Maintenance Cost- Since to clean the floor you no longer need soap you save the cost of soaps. Also re-sealing the floor only has to be done every 2-4 years depending on the amount of outdoor salt brought in during winter months, and cost less then re-coating or painting.




   5. Cracks and pitting will be filled and waterproofed.These imperfections in the concrete give the floor character, and a one of a kind uniqueness that no other floor will have.



   6. It looks good



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